SLC Group Holdings is a privately held company with diverse holdings in real estate, investments, marketing, and other business ventures. 

Twenty-five years ago, SLC Group Holdings founder & CEO Sandy Cleary left her career as an aerospace engineer to follow her passion and start a cruise travel agency in her mother’s basement. She grew that business into one of the largest sellers of cruises in North America with more than $135 million in annual cruise volume all while expanding her empire. 

Her latest venture, SLC Group Holdings, seeks to partner with passionate business owners and entrepreneurs that need an investment to take their business or product idea to the next level. 


Sandy Cleary

 Founder, SLC Group Holdings & CruCon Cruise Outlet  

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Jeanine Kilgallen

 General Counsel and
VP, Strategy & Development 

Debbie Adams

VP, Investment Management  

Jen Urban

   Finance Manager   

Shawn Tewksbury, CPA, CFP®

Business Investment Analyst 

Darlene Carenza

Director of Partnerships  

Alejandra Lopez

   Partnership Innovator  

Susette Andaya-Gomez

Partnership Innovator

Alison Wondoloski

Partnership Innovator   

Andrew Rowell

   Project Development Manager 

Karen O’Brien

 Project Manager 

Dara Trujillo

Chief Merchant