Jeanine Kilgallen, General Counsel and
VP, Strategy & Development, SLC Group Holdings

Jeanine Kilgallen

 General Counsel and
VP, Strategy & Development 

Debbie Adams, VP, Investment Management, SLC Group Holdings

Debbie Adams

VP, Investment Management  

Jen Urban, Finance Manager, SLC Group Holdings

Jen Urban

   Finance Manager   

Shawn Tewksbury, CPA, CFP®, Business Investment Analyst, SLC Group Holdings

Shawn Tewksbury, CPA, CFP®

Business Investment Analyst 

Karen O’Brien, Project Manager, SLC Group Holdings

Karen O’Brien

  Project Manager  

Dara Trujillo, Chief Merchant, SLC Group Holdings

Dara Trujillo

Chief Merchant 


Winni, a division of SLC Group Holdings, is a strategic marketing firm with more than 15 years of experience. Winni offers a variety of marketing solutions for entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand. 

Darlene Carenza, Director of Marketing and Strategy at Winni

Darlene Carenza

Director of Marketing and Strategy

Alejandra Lopez, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Winni

Alejandra Lopez

  Head of Strategic Partnerships

Susette Andaya-Gomez, Head of Digital Strategy at Winni

Susette Andaya-Gomez

Head of Digital Strategy

Alison Annoni, Head of Social Media & Content at Winni

Alison Annoni

Head of Social Media & Content

Donna Gilberto, Head of Website Development & Database Solutions, SLC Group Holdings

Donna Gilberto

Head of Website Development 

& Database Solutions

Winni ™ a division of SLC Group Holdings